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The Oakley M Frame Gold is a special model with Gold Iridium. It allows 10% light to your eyes. The Light Index on this model is three, which is ideal for sunny weather and extremely bright light conditions. The Iridium coating to reduces glare. There are also Polarized Oakley M Frame Gold Iridium sunglasses that allow just 9% light to eyes. The Gold Iridium Replacement Lenses cost around $70.

With the Oakley M Frame Gold model, you can easily adapt changing light conditions or just change your look by switching to a different lens in seconds. Choose the shape and color to optimize your performance, and select a vented design if you want cooling airflow. Lenses with IRIDIUM coating precisely tune the transmission of light for your environment. Non vented lenses are available with polarization to block the blinding rays of glare. Oakley polarization eliminates the haze and distortion found in conventional technologies to create the best polarized optics on the planet.

There are a lot of technologies integrated into the Oakley M Frame Gold, which will make your money well spend. The HDO system is a special technology patented by Oakley. It stands for HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS and it provides unbeatable clarity and performance. The contours of the lens provide extend peripheral vision and improve side protection. Also,the PLUTONITE lens material filters out 100% of all UVA/UVB/UVC harmful blue light up to 400nm. But this is not all. Those sunglasses are able to whitstand strong impacts. You can customize your model by choosing one of the various options, which include IRIDIUM lens coatings and polarization.

Oakley M Frame Gold replacement lenses are also available. These lenses will fit your your M Frame sunglasses if your old lenses are covered in scratches or aren’t right for the conditions. In that way, you will always have clean and sharp looking sunglasses, despite all the though conditions they have been through. A wrap around fit provides peripheral coverage while the nosepieces hold your glasses in place on a bumpy trail. Of course, before buying such replacement lenses, make sure to check the sizing chart for different lens tints and uses.

The Oakley company has various different models and there is one that really stands out one of a kind solid 18K gold M Frame with certificate of authenticity signed by Lance Armstrong. Hand crafted in jewelery quality 18K solid gold by prestigious jeweler Michael Dickey, this rendering features gold iridium tint lenses is signed by Lance Armstrong and there are only two in existence. The unique sculpture replicates the frame design worn by Armstrong in seven Tour de France championship victories.

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Allman s first solo album, Laid Back, is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and he explored it in depth on Wednesday. Midnight Rider,” highlighted by a flute solo, was followed by the Jackson Browne cover These Days.” Queen of Hearts” featured a sweeping solo by saxophonist Jay Collins.

The Southern rocker dusted off his 1986 comeback hit, I m No Angel, for the second song in the set, still hitting the notes with his bluesy, melodic voice. The sound at the 1,500 seat Sound Board was notably clear for Allman and opener Laith Al Saadi s sets, and the right volume: Loud enough, but no earplugs required.

Allman is more visible than he has been in years, releasing a T. Bone Burnett produced solo album, Low Country Blues, in 2011 and his autobiography the following year. Allman played I Can t Be Satisfied from that most recent disc, as well as Tears, Tears, Tears” and others.

The Allman Brothers classic One Way Out was followed with a drum solo, and then the crowd joined Allman in singing Melissa.

The encore at the Sound Board was a bouncing rendition of Whipping Post, with Allman at the guitar rather than the keyboard, and conga drums providing a backbeat.

Opening act Al Saadi received a warm reception from the audience, playing a rootsy acoustic set that included familiar tracks such as The Band s Ophelia.

When Allman played Ain t Wastin Time No More, from the 1972 Allman Brothers Band LP Eat a Peach, he sang, Time goes by like a hurricane. The lyric seems fitting for a musician who has survived tragedy through the deaths of brother Duane Allman and bandmate Berry Oakley, as well as decades of drug abuse, and come out on the other end with his talent and spirit intact.

Standing in line before the show, one fan from Oakland County said she d seen Allman many times with a friend who s now passed, and came on Wednesday to honor their memory.

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Sunglasses have a long history of being utilized by some of the most popular celebs and even influential people, oftentimes helping to come up with a specific look or style which is related with all these people. When you take a look at any famous military figure following World War I, you most often relate al . The majority of people will like to go on vacations, hiking and few others go to the beach. One of the other reasons as to why individuals such as the summer is because theyll be able to flaunt their summer fashions like bikinis, swimming gear and other accessories.

In the earlier days people did not experience the same feeling, though summer could have been a lot of fun. Most individuals earlier coul . All these designers have assisted in providing unique eyewear which has significantly influenced fashion, and the designed preferences of many popular celebrities. When looking into the opportunity of making your own investment into these frames, it would be ideal to take advantage of a resource which will offer you with access to many of the most popular names includ . This single person has motivated a wide array of creative designers, who’re seeking to either mimic the incredible beauty related with her so many different lines of product or seek inspiration while looking to develop their own unique line. One incredible product which any individual c . The demand related with style is often a result of the needs placed on people in relation to appearance. When people are looking to take benefit of unique style opportunities which help to meet the demand associated with the significance of image, a unique designer to take benefit of could be found with Tom Ford . Prescriptions indicates a unique form of opportunity which can allow an individual to enhance their sight, no matter whether theyre reading material, seeking far distances, as well as driving. While looking into the possibilities that exist with improving your sight, while even taking benefit of unique styles, turn towards the opportunities that exist with Varifocal glasse . While several retail environments feature generic glasses which a person can invest in at a reasonably low price, these glasses are often low in quality and even don’t offer you the greatest number of advantages. Other than investing in a generic or random sunglasses opportunity, pursue the unique style options that can be found wit .

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Laurel Howard recently joined Hanson Professional Services Inc. Oak Brook regional office. An adminstrative assistant, Howard has more than 10 years of experience in adminstrative support, client public relations and service coordination duties. For further information, call (630) 990 3800.

Kevin Spitz recently joined Hanson Professional Service Inc. Oak Brook regional office. As a civil engineer, Spitz serves Hanson railway market. Before joining Hanson, he completed an engineering internship with the village of Wheeling and served as an assistant project engineer for Walsh Construction of Chicago. For further information, call (630) 990 3800.

National Speakers Association, Illinois Chapter welcomes Fun Specialist Friday, Sept. 19 to Maggiano Restaurant in Oak Brook. As featured on Oprah and The Today Show, Jolene Jang will teach skills that take mind numbing meetings, boring events and routine conferences and transforms them from snores into encores. Individual ticket price is $79 and includes lunch. The restaurant is at 240 Oakbrook Center, Oak Brook. Reservations are required. For further information or to register, contact Sue Black at (630) 208 0776.

For the second year in a row, Chicagoland Western Suburbs home builder, Downers Grove based Oakley Home Builders, will be participating in Midwest Home magazine annual Luxury Home Tour. The tour consists of high end custom homes throughout the Chicago area. The fifth annual Chicago Luxury Home Tour is scheduled to begin September. The chosen custom homes from the Chicago area will be on display the first three weekends of September, Friday through Sunday. Tickets are now available.

The Downers Grove Area Chamber of Commerce Industry has announced David Fox, president of Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital, will be honored with the new Enterprise Award for building business and community. Join them for the presentation at the Black White Ball presented by D3 Financial Counselors on Saturday, Sept. 20, at the Esplanade Lakes by DoubleTree in Downers Grove.

Redbox, the fully automated DVD rental service offering new release rentals for $1 per night, has announced the grand opening of its new customer service call center in Downers Grove. The 24,000 square foot facility, at 1431 Opus Place, currently houses 190 customer service employees and is expected to staff around 210 employees by the end of 2008. Redbox is now seeking local employees to fill positions across all levels of experience.

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“We were just talking over headsets,” Kemp told the news station, before
adding that the conversation soon turned aggressive, reportedly about
something unrelated to the game they were playing.

“I’m like, ‘Bro, if you want to do this, come over to my house and we’ll
do this right now,'” Kemp admitted.

The “friend” barged right in through his front door, pushing past
relatives and proceeded to attempt to shoot at Kemp, before stabbing him
some 22 times.

Kemp explained, “[He] Walks up to my room and he points the gun right at
me and takes out the clip and shows his bullet, puts it back in the gun,
tries to shoot me and he shot it and it went right past my head. Almost
hit me.”

Luckily for Kemp, he is OK, having been stitched up, while his now former
friend will be charged with burglary and two counts of attempted murder,
according to Jimmy Lee of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department.
The game’s creative director revealed his onscreen time versus 2012’s

Nintendo remarks on Wii U boss battles and immersive worldOne of 2015’s
most anticipated titles has got to be Wii U’s first ‘Zelda’ iteration.
The game’s producer revealed some new thoughts on the game’s boss battles
and enormous world.

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Oakley sunglasses feature Iridium coated lenses to lessen the sun glare and provide contrast. Oakley owners must exercise care when handling their sunglasses.

How to Remove Scratches From Versace Sunglass Lenses

Versace sunglasses are very good quality and made to last, but no glasses are scratch proof, and Versace lenses can indeed scratch. While.

How Can You Get an Instructor Password on Wiley?

Wiley publishes textbooks for a variety of subjects, such as Biology, Psychology, Engineering and Economics. In addition to textbooks, Wiley provides instructors.

How to Replace a Sunglass Lens

Replacing a damaged or lost sunglass lens is a moderately easy process that just about anyone can do with the proper tools.

How to Remove Tint From Sunglasses

Sunglasses have tinted lenses that help reduce the sunlight glare when you are outside or driving. Some prescription glasses also feature photochromic.

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CONWAY, SC (WMBF)   Horry County Police are asking the public’s help in locating an 11 year old boy who may be driving his father’s car. Tuesday morning when his father got home from work. His father later found the child and his car missing. The vehicle is described by police as a black 2012 four door Buick Regal, with an Oakley Sunglasses sticker on the rear window and SC tag KAN 167.Cruz is described as a white male, 4 foot 11 inches tall, 80 pounds in weight, with blonde hair and blue eyes.All law enforcement agencies have been advised to look out for the vehicle. It is not assumed that the child is in any danger, other than operating a vehicle.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Man arrested in connection with murder of woman at Lloyd Center hotelMan arrested in connection with murder of woman at Lloyd Center hotelUpdated: Friday, January 9 2015 12:18 PM EST2015 01 09 17:18:40 GMTThe house in Keizer is less than 800 feet from Cummings Elementary School and is also close to several day care facilities.

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Google Glass has been hogging the spotlight when it comes to eyewear, but get ready to see new technology designed for those stuck with old fashioned prescription eyeglasses.

About 64 percent of Americans wear glasses to improve vision. Many can’t stand them, complaining that glasses are cumbersome, headache inducing or don’t work in all situations. Meanwhile, the growing amount of time people spend in front of computers and mobile devices has also raised concern about the potential damaging effects on eyesight.

That’s spurring innovation among eye specialists, who say the glasses industry has been largely stagnant since bifocals were invented by Benjamin Franklin in the 18th century.

Companies are designingsolutions to aid glasses wearers, including futuristic lenses and even an iPhone app that developers say can help people wean themselves off glasses.

One area of focus has been on reducing eyestrain for people who spend several hours a day staring at computers, tablets and smartphones. Many optometrists believe the light emitted from such devices could damage a viewer’s eyesight over time, although that hasn’t been conclusively proven. Still, companies are rolling out new lenses that they say will help ward off those potentially harmful effects. BluTech lenses are infused with melanin, a natural pigment found in the iris of the eye, to help filter out high energy blue light and UVA/UVB radiation while allowing what Oakley called “innocuous” light to pass through.

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Ronda Sloan, of Oakley, California says up until recently she had very few health problems.

“It started on a Sunday, I was at Great America and I was having this shortness of breath and this pain in my chest. By Friday, he had me take a CT scan, and that’s when they found the blood clot in my lung,” Sloan said.

“I didn’t have any issues taking the pill, not getting sick or anything like that, and with the patch, it only took me three months to make me sick,” Sloan said.

She’s one of thousands of American women suing Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Ortho Evra.

“They were given the patch. They were given the patch for convenience sake, and they weren’t told that it actually increases their risk for developing blood clots,” attorney Shawn Khorammi said.

The company says risks for Ortho Evra are spelled out on the label and that patients should make sure to read it.

That label was recently updated after a new study found some women are twice as likely to develop blood clots from the patch rather than the pill.

“Your risk is actually elevated compared to the pill. Now that’s a big price to pay to suffer a stroke, to suffer a pulmonary embolism, to have the DVT simply for convenience,” Khorrami said.

“I think the most important thing is the absolute risk is still incredibly tiny,” Obstetrician and gynecologist Ricki Pollycove said.

Those tiny risks are worth taking for the vast majority of women, according to Dr. Pollycove.

“I’ve never taken a patient off of Ortho Evra. I’ve had one patient in 27 years of practice who had a pulmonary embolism on a birth control pill,” Pollycove said.

For Ronda Sloan, however, she believes that risk almost cost her life. Still, she doesn’t blame the doctor who prescribed her the patch. She holds Johnson and Johnson responsible.

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. Hundreds of churches in the greater Kansas City area cancelled church services on Sunday because of heavy snow and dangerous driving conditions. United Believers Community Church (UBCC) is one of them; but members still got to have church without being in the church building.

Rev. Darron Lamont Edwards Sr. is pastor of United Believers Community Church. There are two locations at 112th Terrace and Hickman Mills Drive in south Kansas City and at 29th and Oakley, also in Kansas City, Mo.

“Palm Sunday is such an important day for Christians to celebrate, and I wanted to make sure that we connected everyone even though they were not in the church building together,” explained Rev. Edwards.

Anita Sims is one of the church members who dialed in for the Palm Sunday sermon.

“I think it was great,” Sims said. “The sermon was about 15 minutes, and I could enjoy it right here in the comfort of my living room,” Sims said. “I think our pastor is wonderful for connecting us this way, and it really does keep us motivated and interested in studying God’s word and being part of our church family,” Sims concluded.